Join a Winning Team at Edwards Chevrolet 280

For over 100 years, Edwards Chevrolet 280 has recognized that our success greatly depends on the contributions of the quality employees we hire. We pride ourselves on creating challenging, yet rewarding career paths within the automotive industry and have a variety of employment opportunities.

To continue growing and building on our success, we are looking for individuals who dedicate themselves to providing outstanding customer service and value hard work. If you provide passion, experience and energy, we will provide the necessary training, support and encouragement to make this a successful partnership.

What Makes Edwards Chevrolet 280 Great?

Competitive Salary

Genuine Benefits Package

Fun & Positive Work Enviroment

In-Depth Training

Employee Spotlight

Careers Staff

Dave Harbison “Diamond Dave”
Dave has been part of the Edwards Family for over 9 years. He has done it all. From a record-breaking Salesman, F and I, and now Used Car Manager. His unique personality and determination to help the customer makes him unforgettable to our customers, and a distinguished asset to our team.

Careers Staff

Tariq Ali
Tariq stands out from the rest. Coming into the car business only 3 years ago, he quickly found that the automotive industry suited him perfectly. His determination and friendly personality makes him a favorite amongst our customers. Tariq consistently wins Employee of Month and is on a clear path of success.

Careers Staff

Laura Wilson
Laura is a dealership superstar. She has been with the dealership for two years and has quickly proven her value to the team. She started as a secretary with us and currently holds the top business development sales representative position. She is happy to be part of our team and looks to continue to grow with the Edwards family.

Careers Staff

Ben Evans
Ben is an integral part of the Edwards family. He has been with us for 5 years and has seen many changes. He started as a service technician and now holds an advisor position. Ben’s customers love him because he knows the inner workings of a vehicle and how to clearly communicate the issue to them. We are lucky to have Ben on our team!