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Pelham, Alabama, is quaint, cozy, welcoming, and home to many, and a one-of-a-kind place like ours deserves the best that America has to offer. If you're looking for a Pelham Chevy dealer, you already have the right idea: Chevy is the most innovative of all American automotive manufacturers. Here at Edwards Chevrolet 280, we're all about our brand and our customers, and we want to pair them together as often as we can. We want to be your Chevy dealer of choice, whether you come from Alabaster, Harpersville, Birmingham, or beyond.

Fuel efficiency, cargo, versatility, and durability—all describe the wealth of vehicles in Chevy's lineup. They have the diversity enough that you're sure to find something to suit your lifestyle, and we at Edwards Chevrolet 280 will have it at prices you won't find anywhere else.

A close up shows the badge on a silver 2021 Chevy Trax.

Why Chevy?

The age-old question for consumers is, "Why should I choose one brand over another?" Why should you spend your hard-earned money on this manufacturer instead of one of the dozen-plus vehicle creators you could opt for instead? The answer is simple, and it rings through the entirety of the automotive experience: quality. No matter where you look for your next vehicle, Chevrolet gives off the impression that premium should be standard, and its features should be cutting-edge. Even on the cheaper end of the spectrum with the more entry-level vehicles, if your vehicle has Chevy badging on the front, you've got the same exceptional engineering quality as all other Chevy automobiles.

Manufacturers like Chevy are the best example of how "tried and true" reverberates across the industry, and your average shopper is looking more for what's been proven to work instead of serving as the proverbial guinea pig for uncooked features, often leading to massive recalls. With that in mind, Chevy doesn't shy away from innovation—far from it. Instead, Chevy's vehicles blend the best of the old with the new. For example, Chevy's in-house engines—which have a legacy of indisputable quality—continue to impress, while newer features like infotainment centers and safety sensor suites make many Chevy vehicles feel pricier than they are—especially when they appear on the used market.

Unlike other manufacturers, you don't have to place too much concern in getting a lackluster product if saving money is your prerogative. You can purchase more entry-level Chevys like the Trax and Trailblazer, the latter of which gets phenomenal fuel efficiency thanks to its turbocharged engines. This is perfect for drivers in Pelham as traveling anywhere outside of the city—like taking the long trip south to Montgomery, or commuting north into Birmingham—won't eat at your wallet anymore. Or, if you stay local, you won't have to make as many stops to fill up the gas tank as you may be doing with your current vehicle. The Trailblazer is one example, but there are many other fuel-efficient and competent Chevy vehicles you can shop for, too, such as the legendary Silverado and Silverado HD workhorses, the sporty Malibu, and many others.

A red 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 RST is shown parked on a field after leaving a Pelham Chevy dealer.

Shopping New & Used

At Edwards Chevrolet 280, you have a wide variety of options for new and used vehicles. Our dealership has a strong stance on allowing our customers to have more choices than our competition. If you get a group of ten drivers in a room together, the chances are that all ten of them—if given the same budget—will have different methods of allocating their funds. For example, some may opt for a pre-owned vehicle instead of a new one if it means they can get a better value, such as a more efficient powertrain, better features, etc. Other drivers may choose a new vehicle because they want to be the first owner of an automobile, and they'd also get all of Chevy's new vehicle warranties.

Both options are great, as there's no wrong answer, and that's why it's important to us here at Edwards Chevrolet 280 that we can accommodate all types of shoppers. And, if you aren't sure what kind of vehicle you're looking for—whether that be new or used—but you have an idea of what your budget is, you can speak with any of our sales representatives and we'll guide you toward making the right choice. Shopping for new or used is sometimes a decision that drivers don't make until they visit a dealership and explore their options, but either option is easier than ever thanks to the help of our resourceful staff, who are always up to date on automotive trends. If there's a feature you're looking for that's only available on the latest model, you can trust we'll have all the info you need before you buy a vehicle to ensure you're getting everything you expected.

A person is shown going over paperwork at a Pelham Chevy dealer.

Financing Options

Many drivers are hesitant to look too deep into a dealership's inventory because they have a strict budget and are convinced they can only buy one type of vehicle. That's not true anymore, as with dealerships like Edwards Chevrolet 280, because we make it easier than ever to get the vehicle you want. When you visit Edwards Chevrolet 280, you can visit our on-site finance center, where you'll work alongside financial experts who are specially trained to help drivers secure the best leases or loans on the automobiles they want.

Going from an entry-level sedan to a more premium model, complete with power-adjustable seats and an infotainment center, can become a reality at an affordable price. If you've never worked alongside a financial expert before, all you need to know is that, at Edwards Chevrolet 280, we'll compare and contrast every loan or lease option you're given; and once we've done that, we'll help you settle on one with a comfortable monthly payment that doesn't overshoot what your budget allows for.

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